Chyna Wanted More TNA Appearances, Jeff Hardy In Court Update

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Regarding the TNA future of Joanie “Chyna” Laurer, TNA reportedly told her that if her adult film Back Door to Chyna was released, she has no future with the company. Based on a tweet she recently posted, however, it seemed that she would have welcomed an idea to stay with the company on a regular basis. “The whole thing has been constant drama,” the former WWE star said. “It’s all good in the end … [TNA Wrestling] is missing the boat. FREEDOOOM!”

In an update to Jeff Hardy’s ongoing legal battle, Jason Powell reports that the court case has once again been continued until June 27th. At the last hearing back in late April, the Moore County Sentencing Services told the judge that they needed until June 1st to finish the former TNA World Champion’s evaluation. However, it seems that it has once again been pushed back, with many noting that the case could come to an end next month.

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