CM Punk Under Fire For Dropping Homophobic Slur, Picked Up By TMZ

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As you know, WWE is currently overseas in Australia, and the tour hasn’t come without any controversy. CM Punk got into a heated argument with a fan at ringside last night and slipped a homophobic slur at the fan, calling him a “homo”, after WWE has repeatedly said they condemn the slurs and their stars that make the derogatory marks. WWE has partnered with GLAAD, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, as of late, but following the Michael Cole incident where he called his colleague Josh Matthews a “f—-t” on Twitter, he was reportedly under fire from WWE for his comments, but was never reprimanded from what we understand. TMZ has since picked up the story and the fan video, similar to the Cole story.

Below is the fan video of the heated argument between Punk, who has been in the spotlight as of late for being in a storyline where he gave a “worked shoot” on RAW last week, and the fan: