Has CM Punk Signed A New WWE Contract Yet? – Backstage Update

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In yet another backstage update on CM Punk’s status with WWE, he has still not signed a contract with the WWE as of this past weekend, according to a source I spoke to exclusively on Sunday night. The source I spoke to states that Punk has somewhat changed his tune on his WWE future. While in the past few weeks, he was seriously considering stepping down for the company at least for a while, the WWE source I spoke to states that “Punk just wants to be taken as seriously as the guys in the back such as John Cena, Triple H, and the Undertaker”.

The source goes on to state that Punk isn’t necessarily holding out of re-signing a contract because of a salary dispute, but rather he wants a large enough salary to justify WWE using him as a legit main event name. “Punk’s feeling is that if WWE pays a comparable sum such as the salary that [John] Cena is receiving right now, WWE will have no choice but to present him as a main event star,” the source told me.

WWE is playing along with Punk, as they have continually given him at least three higher sums every time they propose a new contract to him, but as of right now, Punk has not decided to agree to any of them. “The contract is on the table, and WWE certainly believes that Punk will sign one of them — it may be an eleventh hour re-signing, but they firmly believe that he will be re-signing,” the source adds. “But they keep offering him new contracts because they don’t want to risk the chance of Punk leaving them, even though they know he’ll end up staying with the company. Vince [McMahon] knows he too valuable to lose”.