CM Punk ‘Suspended’ By WWE For ‘Shoot’ On RAW

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According to fans in attendance at tonight’s RAW in Las Vegas, after tonight’s show went off the air Michael Cole announced that WWE has suspended CM Punk indefinitely. This comes off the heels of Punk giving a “shoot” at the end of the show that “prematurely” went off the air. For those who are wondering whether it was a real shoot or not, it wasn’t. It was designed to get people talking about it and the storyline leading to Money in the Bank, which it is already doing.

WWE will be taping two episodes of RAW tonight from Las Vegas, so we should have an idea of where this storyline goes from here later on tonight here at Follow along with our results for next week’s show by clicking here.

One Response to “CM Punk ‘Suspended’ By WWE For ‘Shoot’ On RAW”

  1. Steven Dennis says:

    I say that seemed pretty real to me! For crying out loud he wore a Stone Cold t-shirt out to the ring and told Vince and all of the others what to go do with themselves! Nobody in the WWE past and present has ever been that bold, not even Austin! CM Punk geninely hates the WWE as it is and is trying to put McMahon in his place and save the WWE from the brass ring spotlights that never give anybody but Vince’s favorites a chance.

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