CM Punk Talks About The Appeal Of John Cena & Adapting To The WWE Lifestyle

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CM Punk recently conducted an interview with the New York Post to promote tomorrow’s WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view from Madison Square Garden. The former WWE Champion talked about adapting to the WWE lifestyle as well as the appeal of John Cena. Below are a few highlights:

Punk on the WWE lifestyle: “You know, it’s not really a drain, I signed up for it and that’s the kind of person I am. If you sign up for something, you don’t really have the rights to complain about it and I am one of the people on earth that thinks if you don’t think life is purely for entertainment, then you’re missing something. I love being busy and that hectic, go, go, go schedule and I love being in a different city every night. I feel like I was built for it.”

Punk on the appeal of John Cena: “It’s really interesting that nobody has been able to scratch at Cena as the ace of the company. I’ve always been a believer in my own abilities and have said if given a shot I could be that guy. I think John Cena’s appeal is that he’s a superhero, a big muscle-bound He-Man type guy. I’ve beat John Cena in merchandise sales and I won’t get into that but if you put my ugly face on a poster, because I don’t look like a superhero.”

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