CM Punk Talks About Escaping Triple H Feud ‘Undamaged’

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Former WWE Champion CM Punk appeared on Mark Madden’s radio show and was asked by Madden if storylines are building up to Punk and Triple H eventually facing off in the ring. He also noted that if it was, if he could escape the feud “undamaged”.

“That’s a fantastic question,” Punk said answering the question. “And I’m not so sure that’s where we’re headed. I guess that’s the $64,000 question. Everybody immediately assumes based on past experiences and past TV shows that this is what’s going to happen. ‘Punk’s going to get buried.’ That’s one of those things, Mark, I hate to give you this answer but you have to wait and see. Is there a way I can escape that undamaged? Absolutely. Unless we’re doing things we were doing 10 years ago and we don’t really care about the future of the business. Because let’s be honest, the future of the business is in jeopardy right now. If we want to make the same mistakes, then I’m obviously speaking out against it. But if we do make those same mistakes, I don’t know if there’s going to be a business in 30 years.”

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