CM Punk Talks WWE Diva Controversy, Rima Fakih The Next Trish Stratus?

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Former WWE Tough Enough contestant and Miss USA Rima Fakih recently called into the Monday Night Mayhem program and said that she has not given up being a Diva. She also claimed that Trish Stratus told her that she was the “next Trish Stratus.” She said the following: “I would love to show them what a real Diva could be. Trish Stratus told me I was ‘the next her.’ That would be an honor for to think that I could be ‘the next Trish Stratus,’ and change the game, and make it look like hot girls can be wrestling fans, and wrestle & kick butt. I feel like I want to bring that confidence to women in the ring and outside the ring.”

Regarding the WWE Divas making a fuss on Twitter over an article that WWE posted on the website over the weekend, CM Punk posted the following in a tweet: “So wait. The divas are mad about an in house article on that is potentially designed to garner them attention/TV time? Awesome.”

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