More On CM Punk-Triple H WWE RAW Script Originally Planned & Why It Was Scrapped

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As reported before, WWE had a total of six different scripts Monday night on RAW to go with regarding the return of CM Punk to the company, according to We now have more details on what each script entailed — the first, second, third, and fourth scripts all called for WWE’s COO, Triple H, to attack CM Punk upon his return and hit a pedigree on him. Vince McMahon, who is working close on the angle, decided to not go with it and make changes to the fifth script and then the sixth script.

A WWE source told me that this is exactly what CM Punk was against when he was negotating a new contract — he wants to be portrayed as a big time star within the company. Returning after a hot storyline and being laid out by Triple H — and Hunter getting over again instead of CM Punk — was not what Punk had in mind, and likely played in the changes that were ultimately made.

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