Complete 2011 WWE Draft Results – John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton

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Tonight, WWE presented the annual Draft special on Monday Night RAW where a computer decided which Superstars were going to be “drafted” from either RAW to SmackDown or vice versa via a “random” draw. We’d like to get your feedback on tonight’s draft and what you thought by leaving a comment below.

At the beginning of the show, it was announced that John Cena was drafted from RAW to SmackDown. Later in the show, after a six man tag match, it would be announced that Cena would then be drafted from SmackDown to RAW. Rey Mysterio will be heading from SmackDown to RAW. Randy Orton, however, will be heading from RAW to SmackDown. A presumably now-heel Mark Henry will go from RAW to SmackDown.

After just a month on the RAW brand, Sin Cara will go from RAW to SmackDown after Vince McMahon has reportedly soured on him as of late already. Big Show will be heading from SmackDown to RAW as will Alberto Del Rio.

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