Conference Call Notes: Cost Of Upcoming WWE Network, WWE vs Oprah, More

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During a WWE conference call on Thursday afternoon, WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon promised stockholders that the company will soon be making a “very big announcement” regarding the upcoming WWE Network. McMahon noted that the company has “turned the corner” to where they can soon make the “Very big announcement.”

McMahon was so confident with the upcoming network that he even took a shot at Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network and called it a failure. He noted that Oprah decided to go the route of simply putting her name and brand on the network without getting input from the WWE fans, which was a mistake, in his opinion.

McMahon said that the upcoming network expense will cost between $15-21 million, with them looking on spending $4-6 million on staffing and $10-15 million for additional equipment and construction of the upoming WWE Network Media Center.

When former WWE wrestler Goldust, who helps the WWE female wrestlers train, was asked on his Twitter account whether he will miss Maryse, who was released from the company last week, he replied by saying “No.” He then issued a warning to his fans, noting that they will get blocked if they continue to ask about Maryse.

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