Contracts Of Several Top TNA Wrestling Names Set To Expire Next Month

  • Share reports that the contracts of several names are expected to expire within the next few months, including Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff — whose two-year contracts will expire on the week of the Bound For Glory event in mid-October.

In addition, there is word that at least one of the contracts of a current TNA champion is expected to expire soon. That could be Kurt Angle, Eric Young, Austin Aries, Winter, Hernandez & Anarquia, and Miss Tessmacher & Tara. Earlier this year, Angle noted that his contract expired in August, but he may have extended it an additional two months or so, and Aries recently signed with the company, so that is likely out. Eric Young re-signed with the company in an eleventh hour deal earlier this year, so that is also likely out. Anarquia was recently brought into the roster, so it likely isn’t him, either. This leaves the possibility of Brooke Tessmacher, Tara, or Winter.

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  1. JJ Wright says:

    Kurt angle signed a new deal not to long ago for like 4 years or something like that.

  2. Zykanaks says:

    I miss brock lesner’s in wwe. 

    contract reminders program should put on their system

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