Who Daniel Bryan Wants To Cash In MITB On, His New Theme Song, More

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WWE Money in the Bank holder Daniel Bryan spoke to ESPN.com over the weekend to promote last night’s PPV and he revealed who he wants to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase against at WrestleMania. “Ideally, I would like Shawn Michaels to comeback and win the belt, then I’d wrestle him at Wrestlemania,” he said. “But since that’s not happening, I’d really like to wrestle Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship. I feel like Randy is the top dog on Smackdown, and even though Christian is the champion right now, I feel like to really prove yourself as a main eventer in Wrestlemania, I need to beat Randy Orton.”

In addition, he talked about why he decided to change his theme song: “When I first came out in NXT, I was coming out to The Miz’s music. Then when they brought me back, they had me come out to this really generic rock music. So finally, they asked me what I wanted and I told them I wanted to come out to Rise of the Valkyries. I thought it would be awesome, but apparently, what I think is awesome is not what everyone else thinks is awesome and they told me, “We really need you to change this music if you want people to like you.” So now I just changed my music to something else last week and it debuted on Smackdown.”

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  1. The Kelce says:

    WWE should just pay for the rights to use Final Countdown.

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