Daniel Bryan Defends Cashing In Money In The Bank

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Daniel Bryan, who attempted to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase contract on Friday’s SmackDown!, explains in a new video on WWE.com why he didn’t stick to his word of cashing in at WrestleMania 28 in Miami, Florida.

Bryan, as per the storyline, claims that he was going to stick to his word but decided to cash in on a weak, injured Mark Henry because he had assaulted him backstage the week prior. At the spur of the moment, Bryan felt that cashing in was more important than keeping his word. He also says that he agrees with Michael Cole in that he is a hypocrite for changing his mind.

While Bryan successfully was able to cash in his briefcase and defeat Mark Henry, the World Title decision was overturned just minutes later by Teddy Long because Henry was not eligible to compete. Bryan then went on to defeat three other stars in the main event of SmackDown!, securing himself a match with Henry for the World Title inside a Steel Cage this upcoming Tuesday night.