‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes Talking About Working w/Rey Mysterio, ‘Dashing’ Name

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Cody Rhodes recently spoke with The Toronto Sun to promote his match with Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania 27. Here are the highlights:

The match with Mysterio: “I’m not one for false promises, exaggeration or hyperbole. In sports entertainment, you hear a lot of those. But I really believe this match has potential to steal the show. We’re stacked up against some beautiful matches and this is my hometown so that would be an added bonus. It’s our best superstars. I wouldn’t feel comfortable without having a< quality story. I used to think I should be on Mania, but looking back, no, shouldn’t have been. I wasn’t ready." His “Dashing” nickname: “It’s always been a running gag. My dad always tells people how good looking I am, with the movie-star looks … that kind of garbage. So (my character) does a lot of things men do every day, (grooming things). I’m fully on board with all of them, and he’d hate to hear this, but a lot of them really come from Randy Orton.”

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