David Otunga & Jennifer Hudson Marriage On The Rocks?, Rhodes/IC Title Note

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According to a MediaTakeOut.com report, the marriage of WWE wrestler David Otunga and his celebrity partner Jennifer Hudson has been “put on hold” because Otunga allegedly does not want to sign a prenuptial agreement with the singer.

Indy wrestler Luke Hawx was one of the stars that appeared in a segment at the PPV last night, handing Cody Rhodes the new Intercontinental Championship.

One Response to “David Otunga & Jennifer Hudson Marriage On The Rocks?, Rhodes/IC Title Note”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love Jennifer Hudson! She is most authentic. All her talents speaks for itself. However, whats David Otunga real motive with Jhud, most of us are still trying to fiqure out. He proposed to her after an eight month courtship. Then now, three years later whats the hold up. Certainly I don’t believe its to be a prenup, because Mr. attorney should no better. Now, did he use Jhud for personal gain in the entertainment world. We all saw how the I love Newyork crap went down the toole. Jennifer Hudson name carrie a whole lot more weight than any Newyork character could ever. Whats the real deal? Don’t get me wrong I like Otunga as well. I love them as a couple and family, but is this for real or fake for the media.

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