Democrats: Linda McMahon Violated 2010 Election Laws, Grisham Update

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— We reported earlier this week that former WWE announcer Todd Grisham officially made his on-screen debut on ESPN over the weekend. In an update, he also appeared on the popular ABC morning telecast Good Morning America, too.

— According to the Connecticut Democratic State Central Committee, potential Republican U.S. Senate nominee from Connecticut, former WWE CEO Linda McMahon, violated election laws in 2010 by appearing in a WWE ad for the Make-A-Wish-Foundation, but they won’t be taking any action against her.

In addition, the CDSCC noted that WWE coordinated corporate contributions with Linda’s 2010 Senate campaign, and even noted that WWE held a Fan Appreciation Day in Connecticut just days before the 2010 Elections. Despite her husband, Vince McMahon, mentioning the elections, the CDSCC found nothing wrong with the event as the opponent of Linda’s name was not mentioned during the event.

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