Detailed Notes From WWE RAW Live Taping – Vince McMahon Fired

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Site contributor Justin Collins attended the WWE RAW live event last night in Green Bay, Wisconsin and sent in the following pre-show and post-show notes from the show. If you ever attend a live event and want to send in a report and/or notes from the show, please send us an e-mail at

Notes from before the show: Before RAW went on the air, they showed the last five minutes of the Money in the Bank PPV to set up Vince McMahon to start the show. Just seconds before going on air, there was an announcement by the ring announcer that McMahon requested the WWE Universe refrain from saying or chanting CM Punk’s name, which had everyone chanting “C-M-Punk” as RAW went on the air.

During a commercial break after the Del Rio tournament match, McMahon came out with a mic and the crowd started the Punk chant again, to which he responded, “CM Punk my ass.” He then said, “You people spend your money on tickets and support someone who turns their back on you?…What cow pastures did you ingrates crawl out of?…you people suck.” He then threw his mic down and left.

Notes from after the show went off the air: As RAW was going off the air, there was a “Thank you, Vince” chant going on. Once Raw was off-air he said, “Thank You, thank you to all…but this is not on me…I don’t like to point blame, but this is all on that son-of-a-bitch John Cena.” McMahon went on to say if this is was his last night in front of the people, then he was going out fighting. He took off his tie and jacket and called out Cena. Cena’s music hit and he came out to the ring. Cena grabbed a mic and said, “I know you had a tough day at work today, but you don’t want to fight me, just say your two cents and we’ll go on our way.”

Vince grabbed the mic and said “screw you” and back-hand slapped Cena’s hat off. Cena just laughed and then Vince shoved him. Cena started to retaliate and backed Vince into a corner when Miz, R-Truth, and Dolph Ziggler rushed the ring and started to dismantle Cena with Vince shouting instructions. Then, Evan Bourne, Zack Ryder, and Santino came in to help Cena.

Vince got back up the ramp and the faces managed to dispose of Truth and The Miz, who was still selling a big limp, leaving just Dolph, who was surrounded by Cena, Ryder, Santino, and Bourne. Dolph pleaded his case, but Cena knocked him down and gave him the Five Knuckle Shuffle followed by an Attitude Adjustment. Santino then followed up with The Cobra, Ryder with the Zack Attack, and, finally, Bourne with Air Bourne.

17 Responses to “Detailed Notes From WWE RAW Live Taping – Vince McMahon Fired”

  1. MMA.Guy says:

    I cant believe people still watch this garbage…..UFC all day

  2. Stoopid says:

    UFC, WWF, WEC, TNA, etc. = big men on steroids rolling around in the floor with each other – GAY!

  3. BossDogg says:

    WWE and UFC are both pretty lame. If UFC was with female fighters then I’d watch that any day.

  4. Sodapopyo says:

    UFC SUCKS !!!   wwe is way more entertaining and thats all that matters

    • I_say_Whatever_I_Want says:

      listen dude the wwe is bunch of fake ass stuff tht is pre-recorded on a daily basis.. the ufc is actually real and makes the wwe look a pice of shit… The wwe superstars have no talent what so ever… Look at the likes of GSP and Jake shields and other great name fighters… Even the guy named edge called it all fake and foney… So try fighting a guy that actually knows how to fight in the ufc and a lame ass actor

    • TommyKnockerz says:

      Yep, it’s “way more entertaining” if you have the I.Q. of a fuckin’ doorknob, the attention span of a TseTse fly or……oh hell, let’s just say it; if you are yer average inbred redneck. In which case then ‘yea, it’s way more entertaining.’ I’m sorry but this crap is the dumbest thing on television, second only to Jersey Shore. In fact, if Snookie’s getting beat up then THAT would actually be BETTER than this crap. ANYONE who enjoys watching wrestling is a complete and utter moron. MMA is real, it’s an actual sport and it takes balls. In other words, the complete opposite of wrestling.

      • Mikeymikeisme says:

        Why so defensive? And for your information, I earned a Master’s degree so your allegation that only morons enjoy pro wrestling is utterly baseless. Sure, MMA is real and takes guts, fine, no argument there. To say that it doesn’t take strength, conditioning, and toughness to do what wrestlers do is ignorant, too. Sure, they might not make it in the MMA world, but there are a ton of boxers, not to mention football and hockey players who coulndn’t make it in MMA, either–but that doesn’t mean they’re not tough and athletic, too.

  5. WWF is for fags says:

    This is uber lame wwf and all that shit was ancient when i was a kid, UFC number 1 wrestling for guys who like prancing about like fairys and grabbing each others ass South Park knows it, I know it and you know it WWFAGS

    • Shawn says:

      You think it’s for fags then try being a pro wrestler! 90% of the guys that try out last a week! Hell even Shamrock said he was hurt more in the WWE than he ever was in UFC! Also Brock Lesnar? For someone who came from a “fake” sport he sure kicked the hell outta all those UFC fighters! Kurt Angle: Olympic Gold Medalist! Nuff’ said! And I AM a Martial Artist! You can enjoy either or neither or both without having to disrespect either of them!

  6. Kylefarthing says:

    i usto watch it wen i was a kid, but who ever still watches it past the age of 15 < and thats pushing it, they are special needs, or realy thick

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