Details Behind WWE NXT Season 5: Cast, Host & Announcers Revealed

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The cast of NXT Season Five features six runner-up contestants from previous seasons. The cast is as follows: Byron Saxton with Pro Yoshi Tatsu; Conor O’Brian with Pro Vladimir Kozlov; Darren Young with Pro Chavo Guerrero; Jacob Novak with Pro JTG; Lucky Cannon with Pro Tyson Kidd; Titus O’Neil with Pro Hornswoggle

The broadcast team consists of Todd Grisham and William Regal. Matt Striker and Maryse act as the show’s hosts now.

6 Responses to “Details Behind WWE NXT Season 5: Cast, Host & Announcers Revealed”

  1. Billy3 says:

    this is stupid. why is hornswoggle a pro, and why is darren young there? he has been on the main roster for months. this doesnt make any sense. >:-(

  2. Notarealemail says:

    I rather have Hornswoggle as a pro than jtg (cheaaaa) stupid excuse for a wrestler!:P

  3. Derek says:

    Pro Hornswaggle?!? So he’s a pro? yeah and i’m the friggin pope!

  4. Derek says:

    NXT makes no sense. The winners and losers have been featured so why should I care?

  5. The Grox says:

    yet again wwe has taken a rather interesting idea and mutilated it. The ratings dropped so fast they couldn’t even keep it going on a regular TV channel! No warning, no nothing… Let’s just run it on the website. Well, there’s a lot of fans out there that don’t have high speed internet capable of running that. You can’t even sit at Starbucks and WIFI it because most bandwidth limitations at public WIFI’s are around 256k or less, and that just doesn’t stream very well. Or you run into ISP’s that put streaming video at the bottom of their priority list. OR you have many other ISP’s that limit the amount of bandwidth available for the month to something so stupid low that you can’t even do a reasonable update of windows, let alone try to watch an hour long streaming video program (Hughesnet and all the other so called rural high speed internet providers)! I already pay $80 or more a month on a cable bill, I am not about to spend another 60 or more a month on shoddy technology for limited internet on my home computer. It’s like WWE is saying “let’s just forget about the 20% of households that still can’t get cable or DSL, They aren’t worthy customers!”

    And then to have Young come back into the “rookie challenge” part after he’s already been running on the main gate for months is just ridiculous. I actually like his wrestling ability and persona a LOT better than Otunga and most of the other “talents” they have tried to push through this program. Throwing him back on the “rookie” program just proves that they need to start implementing their “wellness program” on all the people in the back, too!

    oh, and Titus, Titus, Titus. WWE honestly gonna try to get me to believe that he can’t win a friggin match against the 80’s throwback Lucky Cannon unless he has HORNSWAGGLE interfere in the match?! WTF are you all thinking?! I am now dead sure the writers are doing everything they can do to kill this show as fast as possible. Too bad, too. I saw such potential in it.

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