Details On The Future Of WWE’s CM Punk Storyline, John Morrison Update

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According to one of our WWE sources, the current plan for CM Punk is for the storyline to play out off television for the next few weeks – ie. on CM Punk’s Twitter account, the WWE website, etc. Expect some newsworthy tweets and interviews from Punk. Several ideas have been thrown around WWE in regards to the CM Punk storyline – including WWE using Punk’s kidnapping of the spinner belt as a way to finally get rid of it in favor of a new WWE championship belt.

Monday’s RAW featured a promo video hyping the return of John Morrison, who tweeted the following regarding the video package and his medical status: “Watching RAW, @WWE – thanks for the amazing video – damn I’ve got a lot of goofy nicknames! I’ve been working hard to rehab my neck, and nerve damage. I’m hoping to get cleared soon.” Speaking of Morrison, he and Drew McIntyre have been added to this Friday night’s FCW event at the Melbourne Auditorium in Melbourne, Florida.

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