Details On The Future Of Triple H & The Undertaker Following WrestleMania 27

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After last night’s match between Triple H and the Undertaker, sources close to tell us exclusively that despite the injury angle at WrestleMania 27 last night where Undertaker was stretched out of the building, he was telling the boys in the back that he will be back. He wants to be there for WrestleMania 28 next year, which would give him a chance at getting to the milestone 20-0 undefeated streak.

However, Undertaker is still hurting and was injured going into the match with Triple H, which is part of the reason that match was given the no holds barred stipulation. His knees and back are in bad shape, and as we mentioned previously, his rotator cuff is so beat up that he was told by his doctor that it is inoperable at this point.

As for Triple H, he was telling people backstage last night that after his match that would likely be his last as he continues to work behind the scenes and start to take over the job of Vince McMahon in the coming years. This is not to say that he will be brought back later this year or around WrestleMania time in order to boost the buyrate if they needed a big name. Tonight on RAW, they teased that the two would be facing off, but that could simply be a cliffhanger for WrestleMania 28 where the two would face off for the second WrestleMania in a row (and third WrestleMania overall — the two faced each other at WrestleMania 17 as well).

6 Responses to “Details On The Future Of Triple H & The Undertaker Following WrestleMania 27”

  1. Guest says:

    It is all a show !

  2. Joe Newbrant says:

    out of all those superstars the deadman is still the concious of the wwe he shoul had been wwe champion at least 10times to match up for the dedication to that industry come on heres a man who had broken ribbs facial reconstruction and many other injuries and still put on a great show taker and kane should reunite before retiring

  3. Joe Newbrant says:

    wwe is losing some ump they need taker to make an appearance even if he cannot wrestle let him do his mind games and a special surprise with dx wwe needs a real leader or as jr says the real concious of the wwe better hurry

    • Roni_1987 says:

      Well the favoraite wrestler of mine is The undertaker but, last match at Wrestlmania 27, i was shocked of him that his performance was too low

  4. Minty Rob Bradshaw says:

    the undertaker will never have an equal. he is a legend in his own right and should be given the number 1 spot on the hall of fames list of inductees… when he is inducted, i would be highly dissappointed and insulted if he doesn’t get inducted by everyone on the roster for all wwe brands as well as the current hall of famers. long live the undertaker and i look forward to his triumphant return.

  5. ajeesh yousef says:

    i like very much under taker and i love you

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