More Details On WWE Tryouts In Mexico, WWE Star Gets Into Accident

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Regarding what Mexican stars received tryouts while WWE was in Mexico, names that have surfaced include Dr. Wagner III, Hiji del LA Park, and Bestia 666. All of whom are the sons of famous fathers and according to sources were asked to get tryouts by the instistance of Rey Mysterio, who is personal friends with all of their fathers. Kris Zellner also reports that Brazilian wrestler Zumbi is also rumored to have received a tryout. One undisclosed person has reportedly already received an offer from WWE.

Former WWE wrestler Gangrel wrote on his Twitter account that he’s currently in the hopsital following being involved in a motorcycle accidence. “Waiting on police just got T boned on the harley life is sucking with a early flight in the am,” the Attitude era star wrote. “Thanks for all texts in hospital getting xrays should be ok ! Just sore as hell road rash and a very jacked up elbow.”

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