Dixie Carter On Bobby Roode’s Heel Turn, TNA January 2012 Taping Schedule

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TNA Wrestling has released their taping schedule from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida for the month of January 2012. There will be four tapings during the month: on Jan. 9, Jan. 10, Jan. 11, Jan. 16, and Jan. 17, according to Devin Cutting. As noted previously, both the Genesis and Against All Odds pay-per-views will also air from Universal Studios.

In a new interview with TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter, she talks about Bobby Roode’s recent heel turn. She talked about the way Roode cheated to win the title by saying, “If every time someone cheated me I decided to take the low road, we would be out of business. This company would be completely different if it managed to survive.” She also noted that he also “mimmick[ed] the worst actions of somebody who is not a good place in his career right now” and distinguished that from Roode turning on his own partner of several years. You can view the embedded video below: