Dixie Carter Brags About Sting’s Joker Angle, TNA House Show Attendance

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Believe it or not, Dixie Carter was praising Sting’s new “Joker-like” angle at the most recent TNA Impact Wrestling tapings. She was bragging about how he is able to re-invent himself this late into his career and that those in the back should follow him by example.

The following are the latest TNA attendance figures from the house shows from over the weekend: The July 28 show in Austin, Texas drew 1,000 fans, the 7/29 show in Tyler, Texas drew 750 fans, and the show in Houston, Texas on 7/30 drew a disappointing 800 fans. The latter house show was half of what they drew when they ran in that location last year.

3 Responses to “Dixie Carter Brags About Sting’s Joker Angle, TNA House Show Attendance”

  1. knowitall says:

    Re-invent himself?????  I thought Sting was just watching Jim Carrey’s ‘The Mask’ a lot recently.

  2. Wynden says:

    Re-invent himself???!!  First Sting “reinvents” himself in ’97 after watching “The Crow”, tearing his  gimmick straight out of the movie. wow, lots of character development thought there.
    now, it seems ol’ scott borden got his hands on a copy of “The Dark Knight”. REALLY?
    It’s a good thing Sting hasn’t seen “the Watchmen” because he’d march right out on TNA painted head to toe Blue wearing a certain enhancement appendage.

    Dude, retire already.

  3. mancalledstinger says:


    sometimes a copy is a lot better than the original (crow)

    but he should really retire now he’s making a fool of himself

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