Dolph Ziggler ‘Fired’ From WWE, Ziggler Speaks On His Release

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Dolph Ziggler, who was storyline fired by the returning Teddy Long on last night’s SmackDown, posted a series of interesting tweets last night after the show, making a reference to “Dixie,” making an “impact” and “spike” someone’s ratings. For what it’s worth, Dolph’s profile has been removed from the SmackDown roster page. This appears to be just Dolph really playing up the storyline. Here’s what he wrote:

“Historic 600th episode of WWE Smackdown tonight on SyFy! I will address the DOLPHans after, Thanks for your support over the years!

First of all, I can’t believe that I got to live my dream for this many years and actually come to do it pretty damn well! Even though I used to caddy around and actually went through a rigorous gymnastics and cheerleader training I thought we made it work! I got to make a lot of friends and a couple of enemies, but no matter what, every time I stepped through that curtain, especially these ast 2 years, I felt like a champion, I lived to go to work each day and try to steal the show like no one else could!

No matter what happens in the coming weeks and months, I appreciate the fact that my hard work and countless hours studying and learning paid off! I was in the world title picture as a legitimate threat, and appreciate that I got that chance! Most don’t!

I hope this youth movement continues, and I hope its just not to build young guys up and have the mainstays dominate and not pass the torch. There is a ton of hungry young talents and they LOVE their jobs, just like I and did! Hopefully they get their chance! I hope to see zack ryder, trent barretta, curt hawkins and some others get their chance, bc they love what they do, and remind me of why I got into this business! Hopefully Wrestlemania will not be a look back into the attitude era an have all the young guys watching backstage.

I love the wrestling business, and maybe its time to take that next step into the danger zone, brazzers are u hiring??? Haha. I’m sure the door is always open, and I know I busted my ass every damn day I worked for this company, and no matter how doughy and truly. Annoying the miz is, he’s obviously onto something (2,000 tries later)! Daniel bryan couldn’t draw a dollar with a green crayon! I love hating on him! He got carried to one of (actually THE best match of the year) and john morrison is nothing but a pretty boy doing ballet.

I will see all of u again, SOMEWHERE! And now its time to make an impact and spike someone else’s ratings! U know me, I’d rather be in Dixie. Thank you dolphans for ur support! And know I loved pissing everyone off and stealing their show! I will truly miss this more than anything ……Its only NATURAL.”

4 Responses to “Dolph Ziggler ‘Fired’ From WWE, Ziggler Speaks On His Release”

  1. Derek says:

    what a bunch of bull mess

  2. Jason says:

    Personally, I think Dolph would do much better in TNA. He has in-ring ability. He has the ability to get heat. But I don’t see him as really successful WWE material. I feel his style is more in line with TNA, and he could go a lot farther there. Actually would also like to see Zach Ryder over there also. Team him with Robbie E, add Dolph into it as a new trio, and I could easily see Them becoming one of the top heel teams. Leave most of the mic work to Robbie and Dolph though, with Zach playing support… This all hinges on the story-writers actually being worth a darn.

    • Derek says:

      i wouldnt hold my breath for a good run in tna for ziggler unless major changes take place and guys like bischoff, russo, Hardy, and angle leave. This is jost work. Its surprising however that he would be allowed to hint at going to tna, typically wwe ignores tna.

  3. Raghusharma_22 says:

    someone so young is so deeper,,,,, Good Luck Brother :)

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