Drew McIntyre On Getting An Endorsement From Vince McMahon

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Drew McIntyre, who has been on a losing streak as of late, recently spoke to the United Kingdom’s The Daily Record where he addressed Vince McMahon publically endorsing him on television shortly after his WWE debut.

“It was obviously a positive thing to hear for me because he had never done that before. But it was a negative in that it caused a lot of resentment and jealousy. Imagine if somebody walked into your workplace and the boss stood up rubbing your head and said, ‘Hey everybody, this is the man here’,” McIntyre said.

“But for me, it has motivated me to live up to that and be the best – to get up to that level. Everybody is like a big family here and we are on the road so much that we see each other more than our families. For me, the big target is to get into the Hall of Fame but I’d like to win the heavyweight title first. I’m putting in all the work and the effort to get there. Wrestling is my life and, if I’m not training or in the gym, then I’m watching videos to learn more about it.”

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