Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Once Again ‘Open’ To Working WWE Match

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson says he’s “very open” to wrestling again after returning to World Wrestling Entertainment last month. The host of WrestleMania XXVII appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight tonight on CNN. Piers Morgan asked Johnson whether he plans on wrestling again.

“I’m open to it,” Johnson said. Morgan asked, “You are?” “Very open to it. Sure. I’ve always been open to it,” he replied.

“When I left wrestling seven years ago, at that time, two things happened. I accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish in wrestling and I also wanted to become a good actor. In order to do that, I felt, I needed to concentrate solely and commit myself to acting.”

The approximate 30 minute interview, which was taped two days earlier in New York City, featured Johnson reflecting his life, career and future aspirations. It opened with a discussion of Johnson’s background and his connection to United States President Barack Obama due to both sharing similar backgrounds. A clip of Johnson portraying “The Rock Obama” two years ago on Saturday Night Live aired.

Johnson was asked to comment on running for a political office in the future and he said he could see it happening in the future after his career in entertainment. The second segment focused on Johnson’s careers in professional wrestling and film. A clip of Johnson’s return promo to WWE aired with Johnson shown watching it. Johnson reflected on his future aspirations in the third segment. He discussed his family upbringing, repairing his relationship with his father, and setting new goals for himself, such as winning an Academy Award.

2 Responses to “Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Once Again ‘Open’ To Working WWE Match”

  1. Black20 says:

    Undertaker vs Goldberg:

    People lack imagination. This I believe could one of the best wrestling matches of all time if it goes the distance and I believe it could draw in huge crowds. Undertaker vs Goldberg. The challenge would have to start at this wrestlermania, wherein the undertaker if he defeats HHH proclaims that he has beaten everyone there is to beat in wrestling and there is no one left.

    The camera than focuses outside as a car pulls up out steps a man from the car and we don’t get to see who he is and undertaker carries on with his speech and as he is about to leave the ring, Goldberg’s music starts and in comes Goldberg, which will be to everyone ones surprise and undertaker. He states that he and undertaker have never fought each other and therefore there is one left and challenges him to a fight at the nest wrestlemania.

    Undertaker accepts the challenge on one condition that Goldberg wrestles in the wwe and that he does not loose a match if he does he won’t fight undertaker at the next wrestlemania.

    If done right I believe not only will it be good for the rating but at the next mania it would be two streaks against each other and if the writers don’t know how they would end that mania than a draw would be good neither man looses, but they still loose in that undertaker has his first draw at mania and so does Goldberg, which could open the door for a re-match in which case winner takes all.

  2. IrishJD says:

    Haha The Rock for President, I would vote him if I were an American!
    I seen this coming the moment he set foot once again back into a WWE Ring. Kudos to Dwayne! He has shown everyone that he is NOT a sellout and is fixated as one of..if not….the Greatest Entertainer in all of WWE History. Not only did he promise what he was going to do, he did it well and is Wanting to wrestle at least one more match…
    What more could we ask for?! Rock you got my vote any day any time. Now please wrestle and whoop John Cena’s Candy ass come the time you lace those boots back up.

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