Old ECW Arena In Philly To Be Torn Down, Dreamer Criticizes Move

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The Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that the old ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA will soon be torn down and rebuilt into a 3,000 seat concert hall, tripling the size of the longtime setup that was able to fit about 1,000 fans for both pro wrestling and boxing events. The Observer notes that the price to rent the arena will be “raised considerably,” leading many to believe that the historic arena will not be used as often in the future due to indy promoters not being able to afford it.

According to a report by PWInsider.com, the EVOLVE indy promotion has contacted many former ECW stars to appear at an event on January 4, 2012 for what will be one of the final wrestling events held at the arena before it’s remodeled in February.

Tommy Dreamer has come out with a new blog entry and has criticized the move by owners of the arena, an arena which made him a household name to millions of pro wrestling fans. In the blog, he links his emotional attachment to the arena that he made home in the 90s to one word — “passion.”

“[The] ECW Arena, renamed Asylum Arena in 2010, is a place where I was able to grow up in front of the fans,” Dreamer writes. “I went in as a young man who had a dream. I left and watched that dream come true. The expression blood, sweat and tears has never rang more true, quite literally because I have done all of that in that very building. I knew not only the people who worked there, but I knew them by name, including the fans who came to see me on a monthly basis.

“I will forever have the many moments etched inside my brain of unbelievable memories, the faces of fans and the emotionally vested trials and tribulations of my own career. It was there that I met the mother of my children. I have forged some amazing friendships because of a simple little bingo hall in South Philadelphia known for years simply as ECW Arena.”