Eric Bischoff: I’m Disappointed/Embarrassed With Kurt Angle’s DUI Arrest

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This past Monday on Monday Night Mayhem, Eric Bischoff expressed his disappointment with TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle’s arrest over the weekend in Virginia on charges of driving under the influence.

“Quite disappointed, for obvious reasons, both on a business level for the company. I’m very disappointed and embarrassed. I’m very disappointed and embarrassed for Kurt,” Bischoff said.

“The fact that he is even in this situation, regardless of whether he was guilty, not guilty, had an excuse, didn’t have an excuse. You just can’t keep putting yourself in situations like this when you’re a pro. Because you’re jeopardizing not only your own personal life. There are a lot of people in the entire company right now that is dependent on you and betting on you and investing in you. And too put yourself in this position, not once, but twice, or more is disturbing to me.

“I’m hoping that we find out that it’s not what we read, and it’s not what we think, and that perhaps we’re all jumping to conclusions. But if it’s not the case, then I think Kurt Angle’s got some soul searching to do and TNA’s got some decisions to make. But clearly it’s a very, very unfortunate situation.”

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