Eric Bischoff & Kevin Nash Come To The Defense Of Scott Hall

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TNA executive Eric Bischoff posted the following on his Facebook page regarding Scott Hall’s latest incident: “Just watched the video of Scott Hall’s appearance in New England. Wish I knew how to help him. I know that others (including Vince McMahon) have tried recently. He was such an amazing talent, and deep down inside, a great person. His demons are killing him.”

Kevin Nash also wrote about Scott Hall’s Friday night incident and asked people to support his friend during this tough time: “Scott is in the hospital up north,I’ll be at the airport when he lands and taking him to my home when he lands. Please don’t judge Scott on what you just saw.He would give any of you a kidney. to the motherf—– that made a joke who would want his kidney lol send me your address and lets see how funny it is. he’s my brother we will get through this. To Scotts fans thank you 4 your love you’re as special as he is

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