Evan Bourne Makes His Return To WWE

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After Triple H’s in-ring promo return that saw Sheamus get attacked by Triple H, Sheamus was shown getting helped up by a gaggle of referees and is still lucky to gain his balance. The General Messenger makes his presence known and Jerry Lawler is going to read what has to be said. Jerry says that even though Sheamus was attacked by Triple H, it isn’t his problem so he has to have his match against Evan Bourne.

The match saw Bourne hit a drop kick into the corner and then kick and punch Sheamus. Sheamus threw Bourne down but he misses a clothesline. Bourne hit a spin kick and then he goes up top for the shooting star press and he hits it for the three count to win the match-up.

Evan Bourne has been sidelined since October 2010 with a shoulder injury. He has been backstage at recent events, awaiting for his return to the company.

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