Extreme Rules Results: WWE Tag Team Titles – The Corre vs Big Show & Kane

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We get hype for That’s What I Am with Randy Orton. Then, we get WWE Champion The Miz and Alex Riley backstage. Riley can’t believe WWE has Miz competing in this match tonight. Riley says Miz doesn’t have good odds tonight at winning and brings up a rematch if he loses. Miz stops him in mid-sentence and walks off with his bag.

Lumberjack Match for the WWE Tag Team Titles: Ezekiel Jackson and Wade Barrett vs. Big Show and Kane

We go to the ring and out comes The Corre’s Ezekiel Jackson and WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett as we see Lumberjacks, including Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater, surrounding the ring. Out next come the WWE Tag Team Champions Big Show and Kane.

Show and Barrett start things out. Show hits Barrett with big chops to the chest. Kane comes in and dropkicks Barrett in the face for a 2 count. Barrett rolls out to the floor and is rolled back in by Lumberjacks. Barrett comes in and Kane drops him with a right hand. Kane with a splash in the corner and a big side slam. Zeke distracts Kane as Barrett kicks him and sends him out to the floor. The Lumberjacks attack Kane. Big Show runs over and takes everyone out. Show throws Tyler Reks and one of the Uso’s into the ring for Kane to take out. Kane turns around to a big shot from Jackson.

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