Extreme Rules Results: WWE Title Steel Cage Match: The Miz vs John Cena vs John Morrison

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Triple Threat Cage Match for the WWE Title: John Morrison vs. John Cena vs. The Miz

The steel cage is lowered over the ring as we go to the ring and out first comes John Morrison followed by John Cena. WWE Champion The Miz is out next as we get ready for tonight’s main event. The bell rings and Miz climbs the cage. Morrison and Cena bring him down and start double teaming him around the ring. Morrison and Cena go at it now with Morrison hitting dropkicks on Cena. Miz gets up and clotheslines Morison and then throws Cena into the steel. Miz throws Morrison into the steel now.

Miz continues to use the steel on Morrison and Cena. Cena comes back and suplexes Miz. Morrison comes up and takes out Cena for a 2 count. Action on the side of the cage now. Morrison goes down as Miz and Cena fight it out on the top rope. Cena with a bulldog from the top rope. Morrison gets up but Cena hits shouldrs. Cena with the big back drop. Cena hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Morrison. Miz comes from behind and drops Cena with the Skull Crushing Finale. Morrison leaps up the cage to the top with one leg over it. Miz stops him and tries to bring him back in. Morrison and Miz sit on top of the cage now, trading shots. Miz gets both feet over the top of the cage but Morrison brings him back over almost. Cena comes up the cage now. Cena and Morrison double suplex The Miz from the top of the cage down to the mat.

All three are down now. Morrison gets up first and climbs the cage. Cena tries to stop him. Morrison sends Cena to the mat and flies off the cage, kicking Miz. Morrison takes Cena down with a nice move for a 2 count. Miz gets up but Morrison hits him from behind and throws him into the corner. Morrison climbs the cage again. Miz grabs him and powerbombs him into the cage wall. Miz hits a big running boot on Morrison’s face. He charges Cena but Cena locks on the STF. Miz crawls towards the cage door, while locked in the STF and the door is opened. Miz crawls out of the ring but Cena pulls him back in. Cena tries to climb out now but Miz drags him back in. Cena kicks Miz off and slams him with a big underhook suplex. Morrison and Cena go at it now. Morrison leaps up the cage but Cena comes after him. Morrison and Cena fight it out on top of the cage now. Miz tries to leave the cage door but Morrison kicks it shut in his face. Morrison stands on the cage door as it swings. Cena punches Morrison and he falls with the cage door between his legs. Miz pulls Morrison in by his leg but Morrison hangs on with his body hanging. Morrison kicks his way back in the cage. Cena tosses him across the ring. More back and forth action. Miz DDT’s Cena but only gets a 2 count. Miz with a big boot in Cena’s face now.

Miz has the chance to escape but continues to work over Cena. As Miz is rubbing Cena’s face into the cage, Morrison makes it over the cage but not to the floor. Miz comes over and stops him. They fight on top of the cage again. Miz tries to leave but Morrison leaps up and grabs him. Miz and Morrison end up on the top rope now and Miz falls to the mat. Cena runs up and stops Morrison from escaping. Cena is knocked back to the mat. Morrison hits Starship Pain from the top of the cage onto Miz and Cena. Morrison looks to escape the cage door now but R-Truth comes out and hits him with a knee into the head and the steps. Truth enters the cage and shuts the door. Truth starts yelling at Morrison and punching him.

Truth continues to beat up Morrison and leaves him laying before leaving. Miz and Cena finally start to recover. Miz climbs the cage but Cena runs over and stops him. Miz is hanging from the cage trying to fall but Cena has him. Cena and Miz fight it out on top of the cage now, trading rights and lefts. Cena tries to escape now but Miz hangs onto him. Cena grabs Miz and hits an Attitude Adjustment from the top rope. Cena covers Miz and wins the WWE Title.

Winner and New WWE Champion: John Cena

After the match, Cena poses inside the cage with the WWE Title. Cena climbs to the top of the cage as we go to replays. We come back to Cena sitting on top of the cage with the WWE Title. Extreme Rules goes off the air with Cena posing with the WWE Title.

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