Eye Witness Report Of CM Punk Getting Attacked By A Fan

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Thanks to Jeremy Wilkins for sending in another eye witness account of the CM Punk/fan altercation which took place at the WWE Raw house show event last night in Shreveport, Louisiana:

“As C.M. Punk was exiting (following his match against Mark Henry), he was shouting at numerous fans at ringside. He approached a family with two small children and began to do the same.

After some lengthy jawing back and forth, he screamed at one of the kids (age 10 or so) to slap him. The child did so. Punk laughed it off and shouted, “Oh yea! Slap me again.” At this point, he grabbed the kid by the shirt, thus sending the kid into tears and stretching out his shirt.

This is when it got real serious. Punk and the child’s parents had to be separated. As Punk walked off, I could hear him yelling, “He scratched my eye,” which was evident by a little bit of swelling.

Security then escorted the family away for questioning. They also questioned a few of us at ringside and requested contact numbers.

It will be interesting to see if Punk shows any effects from this. I thought this was instigated by Punk, but with that being said, fans should never place their hands on a Superstar.”

2 Responses to “Eye Witness Report Of CM Punk Getting Attacked By A Fan”

  1. dusty says:

    A superstar should never ask someone to hit them.If i was the kids parent i would have put the kid down and done it myself. If you asked for something like them to hit you. They your opening yourself up for whatever come at you. In my company we had limited ingagment with any fans. But at end of the night would sign for all. And show the kids we are all friends after its over, anyways

  2. Raphael Mac says:

    Cm Punk is a moron and a chicken! He needs to take his anger on is fellow wrestlers and not on fans especially kids how silly and unproffessional of him to do such a thing. He needs to face John Cena one on one.

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