The Father Of Kharma’s Baby Revealed, Bischoff On Why He Attacks Fans

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Former WWE developmental wrestler Byron Wilcott is claiming to be the father of Kharma’s child. Wilcott wrote on Facebook: “As some of you know my girlfriend is pregnant. Some of you know her as Awesome Kong. Most know her as Kharma. I know her as the love of my life, Kia Stevens. Due to this being a high-risk pregnacy I’m going to take this time and step away from the ring to concentrate on making sure her and our baby’s needs are met. I will fulfill the remainder of my dates till June 12. It’s not an end, just a new beginning.” Wilcott trained at Florida Championship Wrestling in late 2009 and was released from the company in January 2010.

Eric Bischoff was asked on Twitter by some of his followers why he continues alienating fans that watch the company he is help run, TNA, by taking jabs at them online. Specificially, Bischoff has been vocal to those that have criticized the company and the ratings that they have recently drawn. A fan asked, “Why would anyone in a position such as @EBischoff go out of his way to insult the most hardcore wrestling fans?” He responded: “Because I can!”

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