FCW Pilot Possibly Taped For WWE Network (Spoilers)

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WWE quietly held tapings at Full Sail University in Florida earlier this month with FCW and WWE Superstars. The one-hour content filmed would be for a new Network show on WWE’s developmental territory while the thirty-minute show filmed would be something that focuses on one specific match or rivalry. All episodes filmed were pilots and may never be aired.

In addition to Triple H being there to oversee things, John Laurinaitis was also there. Triple H even came out and cut a promo to the crowd. The University was used to make the FCW product look better on TV but also as a test run for doing a more potentially “intimate” WWE show for the Network.

As noted before, WWE used a combination of Byron Saxton, Jim Ross and Chris Russo for the tapings. The first hour featured Saxton & Russo while Ross worked with Russo for the rest of the tapings. Below are results from the taping

Hour One: (1) Xavier Woods defeated Big E. Langston

(2) Richie Steamboat beat Brad Maddox

(3) Kaitlyn & Alicia Fox defeated Tamina & Aksana

(4) Antonio Cesaro defeated Seth Rollins

Hour Two: (1) Kenneth Cameron defeated Mike Dalton

(2) Leakee beat Ricardo Rodriguez

(3) Briley Pierce defeated Derrick Bateman

(4) Husky Harris beat Damien Sandow

(5) Leo Kruger beat Dean Ambrose

* Triple H cut a promo for the crowd

Half-Hour Taping: (1) Sheamus & Daniel Bryan beat Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre