Final WWE 1/2/12 Vignette Entitled ‘TheEndBegins’ (Spoilers)

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WWE has released their sixth 1/2/12 vignette tonight entitled “TheEndBegins,” which will be the final cryptic video released before the appearance of the individual being promoted to return on next week’s RAW television broadcast from Memphis, Tennessee. The videos from the past six weeks, which have been linked to Youtube clips during WWE TV programming on the bottom of the screen as well as abruptly, “accidentally” aired on television, have featured a young man and a girl in a classroom-like setting and have featured words or phrases at the end of the clips such as “prophetless,” “control” and “look within.”

The themes of the near-minute-long clips have featured hints on next week’s return such as focusing on the “unjust”, the Jan. 2, 2012 date being the “end of the world as you know it,” and that the individual returning “emerg[ing] and destroy[ing] the weak.”

A few weeks ago, the vignettes introduced a similarly-aged girl with the young boy noting that the girl “holds the mystery to my arrival, my rebirth.” The voice-over of the boy added, “for when I beckon her, I will return to claim what is mine and think she will never be the same again.” Last week’s penultimate vignette featured the theme “prophetless” with a more starring-role of the young girl telling the young man that she “cannot help [him anymore. Do you understand?”

This week’s video featured a clip of the girl shoving a notebook off the desk — the notebook that many believe had the word “Chris” crossed off on the cover — and then repeat clips from the previous few weeks playing again, with the inclusion of beach and water clips. The voice-over of the girl said, “The force shall arrive to reclaim what is his. The powers that be will be shaken.” The video then went to a black fade and had the text “TheEndBegins. Next Monday” followed by the girl saying, “Do you understand?”

Watch it below:

As has been heavily rumored over the past few weeks, the person many source believe the video is being linked to, Chris Jericho, is denying the reports. Just this past weekend, Jericho didn’t leave any wiggle room for a return to the company should he be revealed to be behind the vidoe next week. “[I’m] sick of all the questions so this is it…from now on I’m not answering anymore wrestling related questions. I’m done with WWE. Deal with it,” he wrote.

It should be noted, however, that all of the reliable sources are indeed indicating that Jericho will likely be returning next week. We reported two weeks ago that the company was still in negotiations with Jericho that were said to be going well. The feeling backstage within the company was the videos were intended for Jericho, but if Jericho ultimately decided against returning, the Undertaker would be revealed on next week’s show. Undertaker, however, isn’t expected to return to the company until closer to WrestleMania time, likely in late February or early March.

If it’s Jericho that returns next week, it’s expected that his return will be short-term deal, described as “Rock-esque”, where he will be feuding with CM Punk in the months leading up to WrestleMania 28 in Miami, Florida.