Final WWE Royal Rumble Results – Rumble Winner Revealed!

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Since Kane was in at number 40, Triple H didn’t return to the pay-per-view tonight, as many had expected. Matt Striker said Kane is approaching the record set by Shawn Michaels for most Rumble eliminations. Alex Riley was not in the ring and was nowhere to be found. Kane eliminated Zeke at 62:45.

Kane was eliminated by Mysterio around 63:20. However, Barrett eliminated Mysterio seconds later. The last four men in the ring were Cena, Barrett, Orton, and Del Rio. The crowd was not on the edge of their seats. Orton and Cena teased their second showdown of the match. They traded shots and the live crowd was so quiet you’d think it was a WWE Superstars match.

Alex Riley ran out at 66:30. Cena went after him. Miz ran out and dumped Cena over the top rope to eliminate him. I’ve never been so happy to lose a Royal Rumble pool. Miz and Riley ran backstage, leaving Barrett, Del Rio, and Orton as the final three. Del Rio and Barrett both team up on Orton, choking him in the corner with their boots. Orton begins to fight back against both men with a series of clotheslines, a snap powerslam to Orton and his signature backbreaker to Del Rio.

Orton is able to eliminate Barrett, but he finds himself immediately eliminated by Del Rio. Wade Barrett and Randy Orton have been eliminated. Del Rio believes he has won, but Santino (who was never officially eliminated because he slid underneath the bottom rope) crawls into the ring, and strikes with the cobra. Santino immediately begins celebrating, but when he goes to throw Del Rio out, it’s turned around on him, and Del Rio, does indeed win.

Winner of the Royal Rumble: Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio celebrates in the ring with his personal ring announcer while the fans don’t have much of a reaction at all.

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12 Responses to “Final WWE Royal Rumble Results – Rumble Winner Revealed!”

  1. eddaddy says:

    hahahahaha congrats to del rio. it was indeed his destiny

  2. eddaddy says:

    oh and thanks you wrestleheat for an exciting play by play as well as all the other inside info. great job thanks

  3. jedi4ce says:

    A complete waste of money. Nexus is really played out and kinda tiring. Wished i would not have bought it. And where the heck is HHH? wwe is getting very boring and the storyline needs some spicing up. its all getting old.

  4. snooderman says:

    wow…the entire ppv sounds extremely disappointing. I’m very glad that I decided not to watch it.

  5. benny says:

    thank you your great work. Some of us can’t afford the price of the pay per views. Thankfully, there is a place to keep up on all the action.

  6. Monet_24 says:

    This was Bulls**t!!

  7. The Grox says:

    Thanks much for the great commentary on it… just glad I didn’t waste my money on the ppv this year. was a tough choice because I was seriously interested in it, but knowing who they placed to win it this year is flat out pathetic. Far more deserving long term players that should have been there, not that poser del-rio. Honestly, is Vince trying to hand the top spot to TNA on a silver platter??

  8. snooderman says:

    when your surprise entrants are booker t and kevin nash…you need to regroup.

  9. wwefan says:

    Stupid,idiotic rumble match ever!

  10. Jon says:

    I am happy that I have found places on the web to watch streaming feeds for free. Would have been very upset to pay for this…. I am happy though that Diesel and Booker T came back, but on the same token disappointed that they were eliminated so quickly…

  11. snooderman says:

    more importantly…when the last two men left in your royal rumble match are santino and del rio…you need to regroup.

  12. snooderman says:

    btw..I think santino is amusing, but comic relief + newcomer finale = disaster.

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