Former ROH Booker Adam Pearce Talks Larry Sweeney’s Death

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Earlier today, we reported that former Ring of Honor manager Larry Sweeney (real name Alex Whybrow) died on Sunday night. Since then, many of his close friends that have known him over the years have opened up, posting blog entries on Whybrow. Former Ring of Honor and NWA Hollywood booker and former NWA Champion, Adam Pearce, had the following to say about him:

I remember your wit and your endless smile, which could brighten any room whenever you wanted it to. I remember your timing, your intuition. Knowing the exact moment to react when to frown, when to pout, when to be elated, and when to gloat.

I remember your uncanny ability to talk an audience into any situation, and I remember watching you do the same with your eyes and not saying a word. I remember you strutting, in command of yourself and confident and brilliant, and watching people in awe of that.

I remember when that changed. I remember dreading the times when I had to bear bad news to you, even when I privately empathized. I remember your handshake and how you looked me in the eye like a man, even when it would have been easier to avoid it.

I remember you taking everything in stride; it was like you knew the road you were on because you’d been on it before. I remember talking to you, sometimes for hours about nothing, with a tear streaming my cheek as I prayed for your wellness. I remember the last time I told you to be safe and that I loved you and I meant it.

I remember you, my friend. I always will.

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