Former WWE Creative Team Member Talks Mistico Signing

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In light of Mistico reportedly signing a deal with WWE, former creative team member Court Bauer took to Twitter to comment. “Mistico inking with WWE continues the trend of shaking things up – that’s a good thing,” Bauer wrote. “But and it’s a big but – it’s going to be a tough road for the silver masked sensation. In late 2006, I pushed for WWE to aggressively pursue bringing Mistico’s talents to Stamford.

Vince McMahon had mandated more Latin talent on the show (and rightfully so!) and at the time who fit the bill better than the KING of the Arena Mexico BO – Mistico! We brought him to our shows and there was a buzz amongst the boys. They knew this guy was legit as did many of us behind the scenes. Unfortunately, there were key people who found ways to ice a deal…

“…Here’s thing about ‘change’ and WWE – if you want to change things, it starts at the core of the operations, not the secondary, etc. For those very same people who 86’d Mistico in ’06 are still there and are still big time players today and their vision remains the same.

“Will they back Mistico all the way? Will they champion him to WrestleMania 30? Time will tell but one thing is for sure: Given their underperformance, PPV buys, thin roster, etc WWE can’t afford to NOT to change.” To read more from Bauer, visit

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