Former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson On Wrestling, Shares Weird Fan/Playboy Story

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Former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson spoke with The Miami Herald this week and shared a story about a fan bringing her nude Playboy photos to a recent signing: “It’s crazy to believe since I did so much in wrestling and having posed for Playboy twice that I would be kind of prudish.

A fan came in one time with a bunch of photos from Playboy from the inside. He just kind of threw them on the table to get signed. I was so embarrassed and kind of hid under the table. I wanted to cover myself up. I don’t sign nude photos ever. All day long I felt bad for the fan, but I just don’t do it. It was not a fun experience. I just hope that doesn’t happen again.”

She also talked about not returning to wrestling: “Nobody has asked me, but I’ve always been in the mindset of, I left wrestling.”

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