Former WWE Writer Gives Insight On PPV Changes Last Year

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Former WWE creative team member John Piermarini has started his blog, in which he has released a ton of scoops regarding things that occurred in the company during the two years he was employed. The blog has since been pulled (the Website does say it will be back soon) but we have managed to retain some of the things Piermarini said. Here is what he wrote about last year’s Money in the Bank PPV which backs up the belief that WWE changes its plans on a regular basis:

“Walking into the arena that day Drew McIntyre was set to win the Money in the Bank briefcase. But Drew wasn’t the Superstar who was originally set to win. That was Kane, but was changed later after Kevin Dunn agreed with my philosophy that it would benefit a younger guy to carry that briefcase for a while. So it was set one week before the Pay-Per-View, Drew was to win Money in the Bank. While in the production meeting hours before the show a case was made to have Kane win the briefcase and cash in that night. The thought process? Sheamus was retaining the WWE Title; Miz was winning the RAW Money in the Bank (more on this later) and certain people felt like the average fan would have the feeling too many heels won.

Keep in mind Kane would turn heel by defeating one of the most popular WWE Superstars in WWE by cashing in. None to less, the feeling was that this was the first ever Money in the Bank PPV and something needed to happen to brand this PPV as ‘anything can happen.’ I gave the argument that the current storyline had Kane wanting to capture the holy grail for his brother and by doing so tonight took away any future story you had with Kane trying to take it off a someone who may have ‘took out’ Undertaker. I added Kane should challenge Mysterio at Summerslam and go over there.”

Piermarini also mentions that Randy Orton was originally scheduled to win the RAW Money in the Bank before WWE settled on The Miz.

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