Gail Kim On Infamous Battle Royal Roll-Out: John Laurinaitis ‘Laughed’

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In an interview with Darren Wood of Slam Wrestling, new TNA Wrestling Knockouts Champion Gail Kim talks about jumping ship from WWE to TNA late last month. When she was asked about if there was tension in TNA after leaving the company in 2008 only to return three years later, she noted that there were “no hard feelings.”

She also talked about the infamous battle royal incident during her last WWE television appearance where she eliminated herself from the match-up on RAW during the August 1, 2011 episode. “While a lot of fans watching Raw noticed what I did, nobody from WWE noticed, that just shows how much they didn’t care. I went up to Johnny [John Laurinaitis] after and spoke about the Battle Royal and his reaction towards the match was, ‘Yeah, I heard it was pretty s—.’ I was amazed and I then told him how I eliminated myself and he just laughed.”