Gail Kim On Leaving WWE: ‘It’s The Best Thing Ever’, Returning To TNA?

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Following news of Gail Kim’s tweet saying that she has quit WWE among the four WWE firings Friday, she is still backing up those claims and is insisting that she was never fired from the company. “I didn’t ask for a release. I QUIT,” she wrote to former WWE Diva as well as one-half of the TNA Knockout’s Tag Team Championship, Tara. “Lol meaning I don’t want their money I’d rather be freeeeeeee haha.”

She pressed forward by saying, “I don’t know but I’ve been telling [WWE] since Monday I quit. So either they have control issues or they’re in denial.” Playing along with that theme and mentioning that WWE didn’t address her firing online she wrote, “Future endeavor message? Ok here it is: I wish the WWE the best in their future endeavors!”

Elsewhere, two former WWE Divas jumped in on the story on Twitter and were asking Kim to return to TNA. “Super excited to hear about Gail asking for her release. TNA TNA TNA!!!!!”, Tara wrote. Christy Hemme, an announcer for TNA, then wrote, “What!??!? Come back to TNA then! [I] Love seeing all the excitement for Gail Kim. My fav bad ass female wrestler makes life on her own terms!! Of course she does!!”

Many of Kim’s followers then sent her tweets, apologizing for her leaving the company but Kim noted that it wasn’t necessary because leaving was “the best thing ever.” Here’s the tweet: “Everyone sounds upset or sad or me it’s the best thing ever. Now my life can begin. All the negativity is gone and control over my life. No one can hold me down but me now!”

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