Gail Kim Says She’ll Never Return To WWE, Compares Title Belts Of Major Companies

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Gail Kim, who recently flipped from WWE to TNA Wrestling within the span of one month, recently told Darren Wood of Slam Wrestling that she considers winning the TNA Knockouts title more important to her than the WWE Divas Title.

“I would never take back winning the WWE Women’s title for a moment, but winning the TNA Knockouts title meant a whole lot more to me,” Kim said. “Winning the WWE Women’s title was history making and I’m very grateful, but when you’re a part of building something like I was with the Knockouts division and you finally reach the pinnacle of winning the belt that represents that division, it meant more. Myself and every Knockout in the company at the beginning worked so hard to build up a credible women’s division in TNA so finally holding the title meant so much to me.”

In another interview with Alex Marvez of Scripps News, Kim also talked about leaving WWE and heading to TNA, noting that she originally left the latter company in 2008 because she was offered a better contract with WWE.

“That decision was a business decision,” Kim said. “I had to take my heart out of it. I talked with everyone in the (TNA) office about it and why I had to do it. They understood, but it was still very emotional and heartbreaking for me.”

Regarding a possible return to WWE in the future, Kim said: “All I can say is that expression, ‘Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me,’ was pretty much the result. I know I’ll never go back there.”

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  1. that bitch can die  in tna

  2. Autumhunter17 says:

    yes right but TNA knockouts are not skillful than wwe divas mickie was out .i want ashleymassaro as wwe divas champions

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