Gail Kim On WWE Run: I Was ‘Frustrated’ & ‘Had To Move On’

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TNA Wrestling Knockouts Champion Gail Kim recently conducted an interview with Power Slam where she once again reflects on her most recent WWE run, including the infamous battle royal match where she eliminated herself from the ring on live television.

“I have no regrets. They didn’t care. It didn’t affect the outcome of the match,” she recalled about the woman’s battle royal bout. “If it was going to affect the outcome of the match, I wouldn’t have done it. It got to the point where … it’s just what I did, you know. Like I said, I don’t have any regrets.”

That night was Kim’s final stint with WWE and she isn’t planning on returning to the promotion.

“You know why? It was about my life and my happiness at that point, and having control of my life again. It felt good to know that I made that decision for myself. I wasn’t going to be unhappy anymore. And, most of all, I just wanted to wrestle again.

“The day that I told Johnny [John Laurinaitis) that I quit was a relief. He asked me why, and I said to him, ‘Really? Are you really asking me why?’ And he knew: he knew my frustration. I know a lot of wrestlers are very happy in WWE. But, in my case, I had to move on.”