George Clooney, Stacy Keibler Reportedly Already Split

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Regarding our story that A-list celebrity George Clooney was hooking up with former WWE Diva and Dancing with the Stars contestant Stacy Keibler, it seems to be over, according to tabloids. Clooney apparently didn’t like that Keibler gave a cryptic message on her Twitter regarding how she was in “heaven” at Clooney’s resort in Italy, and told her to pack her bags and leave.

Clooney’s former girlfriend — Elisabetta Canali, whom he was linked to for years — was recently split with Clooney because of a similar situation. According to sources, when she talked marriage with a tabloid, Clooney then shortly after split up with her.

Keibler was described as being Clooney’s “rebound girl” and another source noted that the fling was “purely for fun”. For what it’s worth, Clooney’s rep, Stan Rosenfield, said that he heard of the fling through the tabloids but didn’t hear of the alleged romance through his client. “George is finishing his movie and I haven’t had any way to reach him for the past several weeks,” Rosenfield told The Baltimore Sun.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    what a douche

  2. Annegc1 says:

    Instead of creating one piece of news tabloids create two… first imagine them having any kind of relationship and now, since they have zero evidence to corroborate the first “info”, they pretend that they have split… what a joke!

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