Green Bay Packers’ Clay Matthews Appears On WWE ‘SmackDown’

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Last night on WWE’s weekly television series SmackDown, during a World Heavyweight Championship Match — the same belt that Aaron Rodgers held up after the Super Bowl on Sunday — villain SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero attempted to spear good-guy and World Champion Edge herself, only to hurt her ankle. Edge then seized the moment and hit the Spear, which was banned by Guerrero, on his opponent, Dolph Ziggler, two separate times.

At that point the Green Bay Packers’ Clay Matthews then charged to the ring as a second Special Guest Referee, making the three-count to secure Edge’s victory. However, the outcome of SmackDown’s main event became unclear when the injured Guerrero waved-off The Rated-R Superstar win. After the match itself, both Matthews and Edge held up their World Title Belts that were given to them by WWE at the tapings on Tuesday, which followed by many of the other Packers stars coming down to the ring to celebrate with Edge after the show went off the air. Below is the video involving Matthews getting involved:

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