What Happened After WWE RAW Last Night

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David Roux sent this in: After Raw went off the air, Miz and R-Truth ran out and continued the beatdown on John Cena and CM Punk. Cena and Punk ran them off. Cena and Punk then used Del Rio’s white towel and teased Ricardo Rogriguez as a bull, shaking the towel in front of him before they hit their finishes on him.

Pretty funny stuff. Punk then grandstanded with the fans for awhile, putting on a hat belonging to a guy in the front row, then elbow dropping it. He then held up a “We want CM Punk ice cream bars” sign.

Biggest Pops: (1) CM Punk, (2) John Cena, (3) Triple H, and (4) Kofi and Bourne title win.

Most Heat: (1) Vickie Guerrero, (2) The Miz and R Truth, (3) Michael Cole, (4) Kevin Nash, and (5) John Cena.

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