Hell In A Cell Results: John Cena vs CM Punk vs Del Rio (WWE Title)

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WWE Championship Hell in a Cell Triple Threat Match: John Cena vs CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio:

Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Alberto Del Rio as Del Rio is all business making his way inside the Cell. Out next comes CM Punk to a nice pop from the crowd. WWE Champion John Cena is out last as we get ready for formal ring introductions and the bell.

The bell rings and Punk goes for Del Rio but Del Rio slides out to the floor. Punk chases Del Rio around and into the ring. Del Rio avoids Cena in the ring and goes back out to the floor. Del Rio ends up in the ring while Cena and Punk are on the floor now. Punk comes in and tangles with Del Rio. Cena attacks from behind but Del Rio goes back to the floor. He comes back in but Cena beats him down. Punk pulls Cena off and wails away on Del Rio. Punk and Cena take turns on Del Rio in the corner. Punk rolls Cena up from behind for a 2 count.

More back and forth action. They end up on the floor and Punk pulls out a chair from under the ring. Cena goes at it with Punk on the floor and knocks him down hard into the Cell wall. They continue on the floor before bringing it back in the ring. Punk in control with a pair of 2 counts. Punk goes back under the ring, smiles and brings a table out. Punk sets it up on the floor. Punk runs to Cena on the apron and hits a big running knee. Punk goes to bulldog Cena from the apron to the table but Cena just shoves him face first into the Cell wall.

Cena turns around in the ring to a big chair shot from Del Rio. Del Rio stomps away on Cena and picks the chair back up. Del Rio props the chair up and back drops Cena on top of it for a 2 count. Del Rio with more kicks to Cena. Del Rio rams his knee in Cena’s face and taunts him. Del Rio takes Cena to the top rope and hits him in the back with a forearm shot. Cena ends up upside down in the corner as Del Rio works him over. Del Rio charges with a shoulder thrust but hits the ring post when Cena pulls himself up and out of the way. Cena goes to the top but Punk hits the ropes and knocks him off. Punk comes in and side suplexes Del Rio for a 2 count. Punk with another sit down suplex for a 2 count.

Del Rio hits Punk with a clothesline out of nowhere for a 2 count. Del Rio applies a headlock on Punk and keeps him grounded. Cena runs in and gets a 2 count on Del Rio then one on Punk. Punk comes back and sends Del Rio to the floor with a kick to the head. Punk and Cena both are down now. More back and forth. Del Rio takes out Punk and Cena with a chair. Del Rio hits Cena again and sets the chair on his chest. Del Rio stomps it into Cena then stacks Punk on top of Cena and the chair. Del Rio goes up top and splashes down hard onto Cena, Punk and the chair. Del Rio with a 2 count on Punk and a 2 count on Cena. Del Rio goes for the armbreaker on Punk but he blocks it and backdrops Del Rio over the ropes. Del Rio lands hard on the steps and is out on the floor. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment on Cena and hits it but Del Rio runs in and breaks the pin at a 2 count.

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    cena should have won yaar .

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