Hell In A Cell 2011 Results: Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix (WWE Divas Title)

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WWE Divas Title Match: Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly

We go to the ring and out first comes Beth Phoenix with Natalya. WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly is out next with Eve Torres. The cable feed goes out for a minute but when it comes back on, Beth is beating down on Kelly as Natalya cheers her on. Beth with a headlock takedown. Kelly tries to make a comeback but gets slammed hard. Beth continues and then spanks the Divas champion. Beth with a backbreaker now. Beth keeps in control and hits a suplex.

Beth with a 2 count and a series of punches. Another 2 count. Kelly tries to make a comeback again but Beth kicks out. Beth with another pin attempt as Natalya cheers her on. Beth kicks Kelly and then chokes her on the ropes as the referee counts. Kelly comes back with a neckbreaker and a forearm shot. Kelly tries for a roll up but Beth sits down on her for her own pin attempt. They trade pin attempt and go back and forth. Beth grabs her for the Glam Slam but Kelly counters out of the corner. Kelly goes for a backslide pin but Beth rams her back in the corner. Beth with back elbow shots in the corner now. Beth charges in the corner but Kelly moves. Kelly handsprings into the corner with a back elbow and connects. Kelly goes to the top and plants Beth with a bulldog. 2 count for Kelly.

Eve comes over and stops Natalya from getting involved. Beth slams Kelly hard and applies her new submission hold. Natalya takes the mic and tells Kelly to scream louder. Natalya continues to taunt Kelly. The hold is broken but Natalya decks Kelly with the mic while the referee isn’t looking. Beth hits the Glam Slam for the win and the title.

Winner and New WWE Divas Champion: Beth Phoenix

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